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Transitioning into postpartum can be blissful! Sometimes you just need a doula to get there.

Overnight postpartum support services can be used in whichever manner is best suited for the family to be uplifted, enveloped in warmth and love, all while keeping your home running smoothly as you heal.

8-hour shift minimum, between the hours of 9pm-6am, and until 7am on Saturday nights.


Overnight newborn care

In-home meal preparation

Lactation & formula feeding support

Sibling & family member support

Establish gentle sleep hygiene

Light housecleaning (dishes, bottles, pump supplies, laundry, etc.)

Unbiased, non-emotionally charged support

Access to extensive book lending library and online resource library

Evidence-based education and non-biased support

Overnight Postpartum Support

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  • 8 hours of overnight support so you can rest as much as possible while your baby is cared for and house is tended to, who doesn't want that!?

    If you are are looking for more than 8 hours, an invoice for the difference will be sent separately.

    For contracts: I offer a $30-40/hr sliding scale to be more accessible to the families I am honored to support. You pick the hourly rate within this range and that is the rate you are locked in for the entirety of our contract. :)

  • All nights are subject to availibility. To ensure you have the support you need, book as in advance as possible. Please text 689.710.2253 or email to schedule your nights.

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