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Maternal Affinity Birth Services

Uplifting, educating and empowering all journeys throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum, lactation and parenting.

When a newborn baby is welcomed earth-side, they are showered in love, warmth, nurtured and cared for to the fullest extent.

But, what about the parents? Who cares for, nurtures and uplifts them?


The Doula.

Transitioning into parenthood is a beautiful and sacred journey that should be honored, respected, and uplifted in every way possible with your family at the center of it all. You deserve the birth and postpartum support that reflects and helps achieve the unique needs and goals that your family has.

Maternal Affinity Birth Services offers a range of services from quality, non-bias and evidence-based childbirth education classes, labor and birth doula support to overnight newborn care that includes meal preparation, light housecleaning, nursery organization, lactation/formula education and support, birth story debriefing, gentle newborn sleep support, local referrals, resources and so much more! All while uplifting and encouraging parents, partners, caregivers, siblings, family members, etc.––anyone residing in the home, including animals.

Every member of the home is an important pillar to the foundation of your family. Expert pregnancy, birth and postpartum support builds a foundation of confidence, healing, bonding, community and connection that positively ripples from our family and into society and the generations to come.

Hey Y'all!

Meet your Full-Spectrum Doula and Childbirth Educator:

Adisela McNamara

Meet Adisela, the founder of Maternal Affinity Birth Services. As a Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula, Postpartum Doula, Full-Spectrum Doula, Infant Microbiome Instructor, Lactation Educator and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Adisela shares her extensive knowledge and experience by supporting families in Orlando, Florida striving to bring back the joy, bliss and sacredness in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting.

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Birth Support

Whether it's a topic that your provider has left you having more questions than answers, educating yourself on the birthing process and modern day childbirth, how to work with labor and not against it or  having an advocate on your birth team. From conception to birth, get the continuous support that you deserve.

Postpartum Support

Overnight and virtual postpartum support to ensure rest, healing, bonding and build a personalized routine and support system to experience the most joyful postpartum journey possible.

Classes & Workshops

Take an Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class series or a variety of EBB® Workshops. Inform yourself on all things pregnancy and childbirth and build skills to advocate for your birth and be empowered!


Sometimes you don't need the whole doula but find yourself seeking some expert advice–whether pregnant or in postpartum––book a consultation to pick a doula's brain, troubleshoot issues, connect to local resources, build a birth plan and so much more.


Orlando, Florida


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