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A doula sitting on a bench at a park in Orlando, Florida reading "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering"

Get to know your doula,

Adisela McNamara

Hey y'all! I am an Oregon-born, Texas grown transplant and mother of three. My passion for birth and postpartum ignited after having my first two children. I quickly realized there was a momentous lack of support, access and resources within our healthcare, community and society when it comes to reproductive care and supporting parents. Our culture today is not conducive to caring and nurturing for families in a way that came easily to our previous generations. We live in a time where we have to find and build our own village. Having begun life as a new parent lensed with postpartum depression, anxiety and minimal support, the challenges I faced helped me grow into the birth and postpartum professional that I am today. With my continuous love for learning all things conception to parenting, I am constantly learning new skills, tools and information to incorporate in my care to support families with the most recent and personalized support possible.

Putting my lived experiences and formal training into the center of my care, I help overwhelmed, and stressed parents find their groove and joyfully transition throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a pillar of support for families all over the world virtually and in-person, I focus on evidence-based information, trauma-informed care and cultural awareness to meet families where they need to be met: without bias, full of love and with open arms. Having supported countless families, one thing has always rung true: 

We are all humans, trying our best in a wild time in history and are raising families to our fullest capabilities no matter the obstacles we may face. You deserve to be cheered for, validated, reassured that you are seen, you are heard, you are loved and that you are the best parent making the best choices for you, for your little ones and for your entire family.


My birth and postpartum philosophy is a wholistic, all-family approach that emphasizes on the skills that families already possess while guiding parents to new tools and resources. I focus on building a foundation of confidence and reassurance with pillars of in-home, local and community support to uplift you, your baby and your entire family for years to come. Whether you're seeking childbirth education, virtual birth doula support, in-person postpartum support, gentle sleep practices or lactation and infant feeding support, I am there to personalize a unique game plan, fill in the gaps and help you achieve your goals and walk alongside you every step of the way.

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