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Ditch The Baby Gear This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up—ditch the baby blankets, container toys that stunt development and the miscellaneous gadgets that tend to be obsolete when shopping for parents-to-be.

Give the gift of birth support to a first-time parent who feels anxious transitioning into this new season in their life, to the VBAC mom who wants a doula this time around, to the parent of five who wants to use their power to the fullest extent with their last baby, to the teen mother who feels overwhelmed.

Give the gift of postpartum support to the family whose parents and siblings and village is hundreds of miles away, to the mother who had a postpartum mood disorder the previous birth, to the family that is worried about not giving attention to older siblings.

Give the gift of lactation support to, well, everyone.

Give the gift of pelvic floor therapy, which should be standard in all perinatal care.

Give the gift of yoga classes, therapy sessions, midwifery care, chiropractic care, childbirth education classes, birth and family photography sessions.

Give meaningful, useful, vibrant gifts. Enough of buying bullshit clutter that is useless when your baby is crying and you find yourself crying along feeling hungry, achey, tired, overwhelmed.

Give the gift of support.

Find myself and other birth professionals local to you at:,

add us to your support registry and share your link this holiday season. ❄️

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