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It’s Your Birth Day—You Should Eat (and Drink) If You Want To! 🎶

If you are pregnant, please know that your uterus is a muscle. Muscles cannot contract and relax properly if they are not being nourished.

Eat, drink whatever the hell you want during labor. It is not evidence-based practice to be denied nutrition when you’re in labor or being induced.

Inductions can last DAYS. Running on fumes while your body is at peak performance (aka contracting) may set up a scene where your body cannot properly contract and relax, especially after birth increasing the risk of your uterine muscles fatiguing before the body can do its job. The uterus contracting after birth is imperative for the placental wound to be clamped down to prevent hemorrhaging and for the uterus to shrink down.

Foods great while in labor:

-fruits that aren’t acidic


-honey sticks (amazing for a quick blood sugar and energy boost)

-nut butters (with toast, dipped with fruit, etc)

-water with a pinch of sea salt or liquid IV

-coconut water

-watermelon water

- NORA tea (nettle, oat straw, red raspberry leaf, alfalfa)

- protein snacks (granola bars, dried meat, energy balls, etc)

- any foods that make you happy (oxytocin production is key in labor)

-broth or soup

If your provider is saying it’s hospital policy or evidence-based practice to not eat or drink, you can refer them to this article:

Happy birthing, y’all!

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