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✨ Why You Should Take The Savvy Birth 101 Workshop ✨

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When I was a first-time mom, I had no idea how the hospital system worked. No clue what to look for in a provider or what even my options really were. And honestly, I didn’t know the first thing about modern day childbirth. Being a teen mom at the time, I was so overwhelmed that I let everyone else but me have a say so in how my birth went. Inductions, continuous monitoring, “you’re not allowed to…” statements, condescending doctor and staff. Long story short: I had no voice, no power and little support while navigating the world of hospital-based birth settings.

My three very different birthing experiences are what led me to become a full-spectrum doula and evidence based birth® instructor. Regardless of what path birth takes you, when you are respected, heard and supported it makes for an empowering birth. Your voice, your goals and preferences matter. You’re not a patient, a number seen as a liability. You are a person bringing life into this world. It’s about time they act like it too!

Join me on zoom where we will learn all about evidence based care in childbirth, how hospital systems operate and ways to form a family-centered birth team.

Tickets are only $30. If financial hardship is keeping you from attending, please reach out!

Email for more info if so!

For more details and registration, please email me.

✨ Social media:

BONUS: We will be having an open Q&A at the end, bring any and all questions!

I cannot wait to see y’all there! 💚

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